Moments you treasure for life

Time flies by so fast and all you want to do is freeze a few special moments in life, ones you will never forget.

About me

Hi, im Dafna Ben nun, an international award winning wildlife photographer.
After the birth of my twins i decided to open my newborn, children and family photography business.
With all my years of experience photographing wildlife, i have to admit that photographing children is a whole new story. Thats why I took a professional studio course in one of Israels elite universitys and a special newborn course in the UK.
I knew that the most natural thing for me is photographing outdoors in nature.
I combine my experience of wildlife photography with studio technics and thats how i create my own uniqe style.
I believe that a photoshoot is not only the photos you get at the end but the entire experience. 
It's a fun experience for the whole family ♥

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